Senior Care Strategies


We advocate with doctors to ensure understanding and approval of the treatment and approach provided. Having the client/family “buy-in” helps to avoid crises or unneeded visits to the hospital. Coordinating the patient/resident’s care and seeking out medical specialists in a timely fashion, we are able to deal with complications before it accelerates into a true problem.


  • Provide insight into the home environment so accurate diagnosis can be made
  • Assist with appropriate placement when home is no longer an option
  • Help to get consensus when dealing with dysfunctional families
  • Secure copies of labs, imaging studies, reports and other medical documents
  • Patients see their doctors on a regular basis and medical specialists where indicated
  • Support medication compliance in the home or facility, reducing stopped treatments
  • Conduit of information so unnecessary calls by multiple family members can be eliminated
  • Accompany to medical appointments which reduces last minute cancellations or “no shows”
  • Monitor in-home caregivers and health conditions, thereby minimizing hospitalizations and reduce re-admissions.
  • By frequent client visits any medical problems, abnormalities or side effects are brought to the physician’s attention so they can be addressed in a timely manner
  • Making sure that all client’s care team are aware of the current medical dynamics, medications, and health related issues. Thereby ensuring continuity of care and a good communication flow.