Senior Care Strategies

Pet Therapy

Since its inception, Senior Care Strategies has seen the critical role pets play in lives of many of our clients.  Indeed, medical professionals have confirmed the health benefits that pets have.  Pets help calm agitated seniors and bring smiles to those suffering from depression.  Even a brief visit can allow our clients to refocus on something other than the challenges of aging and illness.

Mocha is a rescue dog who has, since she was just a puppy, visited many Senior Care Strategies’ clients.  The positive impact that Mocha’s visits have cannot be measured but is readily obvious.  Mocha loves the petting and attention she gets while also putting smiles on faces where before there was none. As a result of these visits, clients often share stories about their own pets from the past.  Even clients with limited communication skills light up when they see Mocha’s happy face and wagging tail.  Mocha brings her loving and joyful spirit, happiness and comfort to those who need it most