Senior Care Strategies


Senior Care Strategies recognizes the important role that attorneys play in client’s lives. Like care managers, many attorneys have strong relationships with clients developed over years of interactions. We recognize the importance of the attorney’s role in creating empowerment documents (power of attorney, living will, health care surrogate) for every older adult.  Elder law attorneys can further keep our clients out of harm’s way by creating, as needed, special needs trusts, guardianships and the like. As Aging Life CareTM professionals, we are able to work together with attorneys to ensure the best possible outcome for our mutual clients.



  • Navigate clients out of a crisis and make complex situations more manageable
  • Create a comprehensive assessment and care plan for attorney or interested party
  • Assist in complex cases, navigate crises and implement successful solutions
  • Protect the older adult from potential abuse and exploitation
  • Determine annual cost projections for a guardian’s annual plan or family trust
  • Monitor and oversee the implementation of the care plan to ensure a better quality of life and well-being
  • Recognize clients who are need of empowerment documents or other legal intervention
  • Accompany clients to physicians’ appointments to advocate and communicate on their behalf and provide status reports as to such visits
  • Allow the attorney to better focus on billable legal activities rather than on time-consuming daily problems that clients may encounter
  • Enable a remote guardian, interested party or family member to limit unnecessary travel and headaches by keeping such persons abreast of the client’s current status