Senior Care Strategies
Questions that you may wish to consider or ask yourself ?
  • Are the problems you or your loved one becoming greater, time-consuming and more complex than you can comfortably manage?
  •  Do you find yourself spending time on your job dealing with their problems or taking time off to handle their challenges?
  •  Are other demands and responsibilities in your life now so great that you are not able to provide the desired level of oversight and attention to your loved one’s problems?
  •  Do you have the skills or inclination to manage their current complexities?
  •  Is your family at odds and creating tension about what is best for your aging parent?
  •  Has your loved one made frequent 911 calls, had frequent falls or numerous hospital admissions?
  •  Are you concerned about your loved one’s overall safety?
  •  Are you concerned about your loved one’s ability to drive?  Are you no longer comfortable driving in the car with them?
  • Is your loved one happy with the current care providers or aides coming to their home?
  •  Have you observed any of these changes the last time you saw your loved one: weight loss, deterioration in personal hygiene, unusually messy home environment, bills/mails piling up and unattended to, loss of interest in social and physical activities, disorientation, having difficulty with word or name retrieval, etc.?

If these situations sound familiar or you answered yes to some or all of these questions, contact Senior Care Strategies now and let us help you and your loved one.

How do I initiate care management services?

A phone call to our office is the first step for a free consultation with a care manager. The care manager will review your situation and provide you an overview of our practice, and discuss how we may assist you.

Do I Really Need an Aging Life Care™ /Geriatric Care Manager?

Aging Life Care Managers are an invaluable resource when trying to decide what the best options are for you or an aging loved one. If you find yourself at odds with other family members over care decisions, are feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a loved one who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away, or are starting to notice that your loved one does not seem the same as the last time you visited, now is the time to call Senior Care Strategies. We can provide a professional, unbiased perspective and can help you to recognize and solve problems of which you may not even be aware.

My father and mother live in Boca Raton and I live out of state. How can Senior Care Strategies help me?

Aging Life CareTM/Geriatric Care Managers provide personalized and compassionate services tailored to the individual’s unique situation. We will identify your loved one’s needs and establish a plan of care. The care manager can coordinate all aspects of their care: we accompany your loved one to their physician, ensure that they are complying with their medications, increase their activity and socialization, help to secure an appropriate caregiver to keep them at home where they want to be or, if necessary, assist in the selection of an appropriate rehabilitation center, assisted living or nursing facility. The aging life care professional will monitor the care and services put in place and keep you apprized as to your loved one’s status.  Our goal is always to maintain the well-being and dignity of older adults or disabled family members. Senior Care Strategies provides you the peace of mind and security knowing that your loved one is under proper care.

Are you available on emergency basis?

Senior Care Strategies can handle emergency issues 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If your loved one needs to go to the hospital, we will be there to advocate, supply hospital personnel with relevant information (medications, medical history, physicians involved in their care) and remain in constant communication with you as the situation unfolds.

Can I afford geriatric care management services?

Care management fees are billed for the time spent providing support and guidance to the client/family, similar to an accountant, attorney or other time-based professional. To learn more about Senior Care Strategies’ rates, please contact us. Senior Care Strategies offers a free initial telephone consultation during which costs will be discussed.

You may be surprised to learn that hiring Senior Care Services may result in significant cost savings! We can connect you with free and low-cost community services and other benefits of which you may not be aware. Also, rather than spend hours of your own time and energy searching for answers, we have the information you need because this is the segment of the population that we serve. Combine these benefits with the savings you will realize by not having to travel to South Florida to deal with unforeseen problems and emergencies, and you will see how quickly the savings add up. Think of the peace of mind that you will now have knowing that your trusted and local “eyes and ears” is just a phone call away.

Does insurance cover the services of an Aging Life Care Professional™?

Medicare or Medicaid does not cover Aging Life Care/Geriatric Care Management services. However, some of the newer generation Long Term Care or other private insurance policies may cover care management or care coordination. You should consult your insurance company/broker or review your policy to find out the specifics of your coverage.