Senior Care Strategies

CPA/Financial Advisor

Having a Care Manager/Aging Life CareTM Professional in your arsenal allows your practice to extend your relationship with the key clients. Elder care concerns may be dramatically impacting clients and their extended families. The responsibility of caring for an older adult can be very challenging. These concerns are magnified when there is no family or caregiver living nearby. The maze of senior services can be confusing and overwhelming. Senior Care Strategies can help you manage and assist you and their families in making difficult care decisions Recognizing this fact and offering a professional to lessen their angst and give them peace of mind only strengthens the bond that you have with this client.


  • Help clients avoid institutional care and age at home safely and with dignity
  • Comprehensive Assessments to ensure your clients are receiving the proper care in the appropriate setting
  • Securing and organizing related documentation to maximize medical deductions for taxes or for budgeting purposes for family or special needs trust
  • Assist with bill paying and household money management where there is a desire to cultivate the individual’s independence but having a layer of oversight
  • Act as independent intermediary, where family dynamics is prevalent, to help facilitate good communication and refocus on client’s wishes and needs
  • Monitoring their health care issues by attending doctor appointments, advocating for them while in the hospital, coordinating in-home care and securing appropriate medical equipment